Are you done with the disappointment and want to try a different approach?

Everybody Deserves A Great Body

It’s been amazing for my body. I’ve experienced the week plan with a lot of energy en feel fit and happy again. I noticed I lost weight (2,2 kg) and my work outfit is to big now! I don’t miss my coffee or bread for a moment and feel I left my unhealthy habits behind.


The Netherlands

The last 10 lbs program

How to sneak healthy habits into your lazy-ass life? So good, you want to start right now. Try it. Get your healthy day menu.

Everybody Deserves A Great Body

Does This Sounds Like You

It takes me forever to change for a night out because I’m constantly second guessing myself. It can take me 60 minutes to dress up for a simple diner.

Heal your embarrassing overweight issues with my five step system in 7 days or less.  

Do you recognize yourself in the fact that you've tried all methods to lose weight?

Do you make a fresh start on Monday with again a new diet and end up on Friday with pizza and wine on the couch?

Is the weight loss industry turning good numbers because of you, since you honestly tried every diet and spent more than hundreds of euro's?

Are you done making using of adding extra space and want to fit in your best jeans again?

Meal Plans

Why you need 30 different recipes. Minimal. So you start a varied diet.

Motivational Support

Directly in your inbox to motivate you every week. So no drop outs.

Stress Management

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Feel the stress moving away.

Online Program

Follow through in your own time. You’ll have online access.

It’s No Secret

that the weight loss industry become a busy and crowded place. There are more programs than ever before, making it more difficult to choose the right one. No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how much time you spend in the gym, or how healthy you eat, one of the most important skills you need to develop in to live a healthier life is this:

You must learn how to make the right food combinations during the day and as well as for one meal combination. In a way that energizes your body – or your energy level won’t be where it should be.

If you’re not seeing the results

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your effort, more work and more hours pushing out the same ineffective meals is not the answer.

If you want your body to flourish over the long term

If you want your body to flourish and nourish over the long term, you must learn how to cook the right meals.

Good meal combinations works miracles for your energy

Good meal combinations works miracles for your energy level, feeling fit and happy. And yes, you can have it.

End your migraines once and for all

Detox your life with these healthy meal combinations and get rid of your toxins.

About Me

Hi, I’m Julia, always busy with food and my dream: help women and men like you with creating a healthy lifestyle to achieve balance and an energetic body of your dreams.

One year changed everything. After a busy period, during my mini-sabbatical, I ate healthy, trained a lot but still didn’t felt great. I didn’t wanted to try another diet. But I gave it a chance. It could end up in again feeling like a jojo, but it changed everything in my life.  

I learned that 20% impacts your weight from exercise and sports, the other 80% is pure how you eat. We people are emotional human beings and our eating habits are affected by ad hoc, temptations, emotions, no preparation or inspiration.

It Really Works.

This Is Proof:

I think the food is delightful and I have a saturated feeling all day long. My inflated belly is gone.


From The Netherlands

“I really take time to prepare my daily meals and bring it to work. I drink a lot of water and feel so good. I’m grateful for more things than before. I see why it’s important to take care of myself. For me it’s not a must anymore, but what I love to do most.”


From The Netherlands

“If I had any expectations, you overdo them. The whole week is energetic and just really yummy. I feel so good.”


From The Netherlands

Boost Your Energy Online Program

Boost Your Energy

Be the best of the best version of yourself. Boost your energy and feel fit in 7 days.

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I don’t want to call it a miracle. But it actually is.

Hey you! I know you think eating healthy is difficult and scary for you, but it doesn’t have to be. This could be you:

– OMG, I feel 200% more energy!

– I sleep well during the week

– I eat with so much variation I couldn’t believe this is possible

– I feel confident about my body and look forward to summer days

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